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Member Health Assessments

Prior to entering our schools, members will be asked to self-assess their health and the health of their children. If anyone is not feeling well, has a fever, shortness of breath or any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, we ask that they cancel their appointment. Makeups, credits, and/or refunds will be provided as needed to ensure members who are not feeling well can stay home and rest up.

Personal Protective
Equipment for Members

Face masks that cover the mouth and nose are strongly encouraged in all of our schools, and will be required for entry where recommended by provincial and local health authorities. Please note, children will not be required to wear their face coverings while performing intense exercise, but we do ask that they wear them upon entering and exiting the school, as well as during non-exercise activities, as required by provincial and local authorities.

 Drop Off/Pick Up and Member Distancing

To limit the number of people inside our facilities, families accompanying students/campers are asked to stay in their cars and drop off/pick up in front entryway. A member of our team will assist with this process, especially for our youngest members. When inside the facilities, students/campers will be kept in dedicated groups (plus one instructor) that allow them to social distance 6 feet away from each other based on the space.

Increased Facility Cleaning & Sanitation Stations

We have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our schools. You will notice increased attention to disinfecting efforts, with additional attention to high traffic areas and commonly touched facility elements. Senshi will also continue to provide hand soaps and hand sanitizer, with increased availability in key areas of the facility. In addition to regular cleanings by our staff throughout the day, our studios will be professionally cleaned every day using hospital-grade cleaning disinfectants.

Masterful Approach

Masterful Approach

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