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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

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Limited Spots available!! 

Summer Camp Available! CamP is Karate/ Parkour and science/art based.

Each week will have a different theme, please check on our my studio app to access summer camp registration and dates/themes.

This year we are adding in a few different things, We will have Ray’s Reptiles coming in twice throughout the summer, visits to local fire station. Weekly short movies based on theme of the week, martial arts and parkour moves.

hours: 8:30am-4:30pm  (extended care available from 4:30-6pm + $25)

SUMMER CAMPS 2021:   View Schedule

What to bring

  •  Indoor shoes
  • Lunch
  • comfy clothes for parkour/karate.


This timetable is an example. For a complete week schedule please contact Senshi Martial Arts

  • 8:30 (Early morning activities/orientation)
  • 40 mins Read time (shared & independent)
  • 40 mins Writing- Journals/ World news
  • 40 mins. Lunch #1
  • 40 mins. Science/ Tech
  • 40 mins. Karate
  • 40 mins Parkour
  • 40 mins Lunch #2
  • 40 mins Tai Chi/ Flexibility/ Meditation/Yoga
  • 40 mins. Art
  • Snack (approx. 3:30pm)
  • Free time